" Mi Band 4 is launching in India on September 17 and it is worthy upgrade over Mi Band 3. "

There is a lot of craze about Mi Band in India and in the Wearables market, it is the only company to gain more market share than another brand. Xiaomi is the most loved and trusted company in the Smart Band segment because of bringing great specs and at great cost, especially great value for money product. Now the company is going to bring its fourth version of its Smart Band popularly as Mi Band 4 in India on 17 September.

* Mi Band 4 is worthy to upgrade over its previous version Mi Band 3. "

We all know that Mi Band 3 is still the best Smart Band available in this segment and Xiaomi is bringing its successor Mi Band 4 in India on September 17. It is also a great time to upgrade to Mi Band 4 if you are using Mi Band 3 or even Mi Band 2. Because it brings a lot of great features and in various aspects, it is better than it's competitor Honor Band 5 which has launched in India and is priced on the higher side at around 2,599 Rs.

Mi Band 4 comes with AMOLED Color Display which is a great upgrade over black and white Display in Mi Band 3 and also comes with 2.5 D Curved Glass and also it looks bright and clear in outdoor and indoor lighting and with a screen resolution of about (120x240) pixels. It comes with something new that is watching face which lets you customize your watch daily and it gives awesome look to our watch.

It comes with 3 axis Accelerometer + 3 axis gyroscope so it means that precise exercise data and a lot of activities tracking like Swimming, Running, Exercising and many more. It also comes with step tracking which detects how much amount of walking you have done and also comes with PPG Heart rate tracking which is accurate enough and also Sleep analysis which gives you data of how much hours you sleep and you are in deep sleep and in light sleep and if you are awake during midnight and last calories burnt.

It is water-resistant up to 5 atm which simply means up to 50 meters which is fairly enough to take out in rain, for the shower, and for swimming also. It has a great feature that we needed it was DND mode which means at night you will not get disturbed by notifications.

Lastly, it comes with 135 mAh battery which is a great upgrade over 100 mAh battery in Mi Band 3 and company also claims that on a single charge it will give you 20 days of battery life and if you are using it extensively it will give you about 7 days of battery life which is awesome.

In China, it is launched at 169 Yuan and in India, it will come roughly around 1,700 Rs. and if i am wrong then it will come in between around 1,700 - 1,900 Rs, not more than 2,000 Rs and at that price, it is a great upgrade over Mi Band 3 and you should definitely go with it.

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Mi Band 4 is worthy to upgrade over Mi Band 3.

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