" Apple iPhone will not be premium brand anymore in Future. "

First of all we should know the definition of premium is that extra price is added to ordinary product and in Smartphone segment most experts say that Apple is said to be the most premium Smartphone brand and that is the reason that it has 47% market share in premium segment and other companies like OnePlus, Samsung and Huawei. In the future, there is a chance that it will not be the premium brand.

* Why Apple iPhone will not be a premium brand in the future. "

If you want to show your status Apple iPhone is the best to show it because of it's premiums it gives and great innovations it brings that is the reason why people prefer it and many Android OEM's follow Apple and in future it is clear that Apple will not be premium brand and i will tell you how it is going to change our iPhone cost and it will definitely hurt you in the long run. Apple is a most premium brand because it's premium start from it's physical that when other manufacturers use plastic for their phone then Apple uses Aluminum in their phones and then was a whole debate in 2014 which is good Plastic or Metal than a lot of company switch from Plastic to Metal. Then in 2014 when Apple announced that they are bringing a fingerprint in their home button and at the time it looks future tech and then every company has placed a fingerprint in it and same is the case of the notch when Apple announced notch and suddenly a total change occurs and various other Smartphone manufacturers switched to notch.

This is not the fault of Apple because the Smartphone Industry has evolved so much and brought new technologies and innovations that other companies bring due to fierce competition and let's take the example of Processors that is much more enhanced and in Mid-Range also it is much more capable of holding all apps and games. Qualcomm Snapdragon 730 is also good in comparison to Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 is good but in real life, you will not find any such difference. When the Apple launched it's iPhone 11 series i was surprised by that pricing of its iPhones and Apple launched it's three phones iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 11 Pro Max and the pricing was like 699$, 999$, 1099$ and the iPhone 11 is launched 50$ less in comparison to 749$ and, surprisingly, Apple has reduced its prices of it's iPhone and even it's priced for Apple Watch for 199$ and in first half of 2019 Apple is the most premium brand and it's 3 phones are in Top 10 Smartphones of the year 2019.

Apple also continues it's iPhone 8 which means that it is focusing on some big and not on iPhones. iPhones are not their business model yet they are centerpiece for Apple ecosystem and Apple wants to earn from services and report of Apple finances make clear that they are making more money fro services rather from iPhone and in 3 years Apple music has 60 million paid subscribers which are a large number and in iPhone 11 series that they have launched various services like Apple TV, Apple arcade and lots of it and from it is clear that future of Apple is not on iPhones but services from it.

Apple is now focusing on selling iPhones at low price and earn more from its services in the later run and you should be clear that Apple is not done for you they have done for them because people are more interested in buying cheaper iPhones that are the reason why iPhone XR is the most selling smartphone of the year 2019. Apple also understood that and a price drop in iPhone XR which is now available at 559$ and serious competition to other companies like newly launched OnePlus 7 Pro which is now available at 669$. It is up to people that they want to save money now or get spend in the long run.

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